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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Home Business, Home Life | 0 comments

Ten Reasons to run a business alongside your job

Ten Reasons to run a business alongside your job

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art-Andy Warhol

Most of the people doing day or even night jobs experience a phase when they get bored or feel tired of their work. This is not a symptom asking for change of job or a break from it, however both these options do help some people for a shorter time period. Job is fun when you love your work but even then who can’t deny the perks of one’s own business? A business that is solely yours and gives you happiness and peace of mind. So here are ten reasons to run your business alongside a job…

You can earn more: The most obvious reason to run business with your job is that you’ll be able to make more money. It can turn out to be a huge saving that can be used for vacationing or anything you desire the most.

Manifest your creativity:


For people who are not happy with their jobs or have taken them for the sake of money, establishing a business can be a great outlet to manifest creative side and do things that you have always wanted. So the money you are earning from job can be used for your business and you won’t feel lost or unhappy either.

Business is a long term investment: There are potential risks to any venture and business is not an exception. But changing economy trends don’t guarantee the permanence of a job, business is indeed a long term investment. Even if you lose your job, you can invest all your time and potential in business.

You don’t have to wait for bigger paycheck: If you have your business alongside the job, you don’t need to wait for an appraisal or looking out for ways to switch your job for better salary.

It teaches you time management: It might seem very difficult to manage job with work but it will turn out to be a great learning experience. You would be able to manage time prolifically which indeed is an art.

A job prepares you for bigger ventures: Establishing business alongside job can benefit you in the long run. Things you learn at job like organizational behavior, HR management and other skills can help you in running business successfully.

It inculcates many qualities in you: You’ll be more organized, skilled, professional and knowledgeable while running business alongside job. There is no substitute for experience, you can learn to manage the impossible this way.

Entrepreneur searches for change: According to Peter Drucker,The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. So having business with job lets you explore the opportunity.

Making a dream come true


Make your dream come true 

All of us have dreams, who does not want their name turning into top brands? Due to lack of resources it is not possible to start off with a magnanimous business. But if you are doing job, starting off with business on a small level can make your dreams come true eventually.

You can save yourself years: The greatest plus point of having a business alongside with job is that you’ll be able to save years of planning and hard work. Instead of procrastination, you’ll be able to accomplish today the things you’ll plan for months or years.

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