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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Finance, Home Business | 0 comments

Starting a Home Business when You are Broke

Starting a Home Business when You are Broke

Audrey Hepburn quoted, “I have been lucky. Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.” There are times in life when you are broke and obviously that creates gloominess that surrounds you and take all hopes away. However, instead of sinking into the cloud of darkness, if you take this bad time as a testing time and opportunity to make fortune, you will be delighted to see the outcome of your optimism. Starting a home business with mini budget might seem a stupid idea but you will be surprised how provided resources and money are spent in the right direction through business.

Use your imagination and Creativity


While you are broke, make use of your vivid imagination and creativity to see which business can be started off with limited resources. Use your talent and skills to devise a business plan and implement it accordingly. You are likely to face problems because of financial issues but they can be solved with careful planning.

Try to make the most of your resources: Take your being broke as an opportunity to polish your skills and qualities. It will teach you various valuable lessons the first one is to make the most of your available resources.

Seek guidance from useful sources: There are many institutes and enterprises that offer free guidance to the entrepreneurs for setting up their businesses without a bundle of resources. So you can seek guidance from any useful source. Some organizations advise you on getting investment along with other tips, so make use of this information which is absolutely free of cost.

Using blogging and other online media: These days you can use “WordPress” and other platforms for getting your voice heard without spending a huge amount of money. Who can deny the persuasive power of a well-written blog post? So use your business tools astutely while you are broke.

Promoting the Brand:


You don’t have enough money to spend on advertising and marketing. But you can promote your brand by making calls and sending advertising e-mails to potential customers. There are websites where you can communicate with journalists without spending money, so make use of these smart tactics for branding.

Creating Social Media Pages: One of the easiest and inexpensive ways of promoting business these days is enhancing your presence through social media pages. Making pages on facebook, twitter and other networking sites would make your business worth noticing. Social media can also be used for promoting new products and seeking customers’ feedback without spending money.

Interacting with other small business owners: You can communicate with other budding business owners to exchange ideas and share experiences. This would help to face future challenges. Moreover, these interactive meetings can help you in finding a business partner for future projects. Teaming up with entrepreneurs can benefit your business in the long run, it is also a way of introducing your brand name in the niche.

So consider your running out of money as a new beginning and get started with a home based business.

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