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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Home Business | 0 comments

Inventing A Product, Are You An Entrepreneur?

Inventing A Product, Are You An Entrepreneur?

Working from home is a business.

You may start out as just one person working with a couple of clients – but you are your own boss.

You call the shots…

You decide when to work, and for how long…

You expand your service offering as you see fit…

And, when the time comes, you start hiring outside help.

That means, you’re an entrepreneur… You’ve started your own business venture, you manage it and you have plans to grow it. If you’d like to be successful, then these basic entrepreneurial weapons should be part of your armoury.

Be Social Enough



Having a good personality will open many doors for you as a home business owner. You’ll be able to build relationships with clients. Over time, these clients will come to trust you and even recommend your services to their acquaintances. You’ll also get repeat business from them.

Being social enough means maintaining a professional and respectable image while networking and building relationships. If you’re shy, then learn how you can connect with people and step out of your comfort zone. If you’re an extrovert, however, you may need to tone it down a little in order to maintain a good professional image.

Have a Passion

If you don’t have a passion for the work from home business you have started (or are planning to start), then it’s going to be a long, boring ride. But if you choose an industry that you’re passionate about… And you find a lucrative angle that you can build your home business on… Then you’ve got it made.

Having a passion means the looming deadlines and long hours will not seem like work. It means you’ll wake up every morning excited about what you’re going to accomplish for the day. You’ll also be able to accomplish more in less time when you’re enjoying your work.

Be Resourceful


When starting out in your work from home opportunity, it’s likely that you won’t have all the tools that you need to do your work effectively. You may need computer applications or specialised equipment that you just can’t afford yet.

Being an entrepreneur means being resourceful… Using what you have to accomplish your goals… Finding ways to provide your client with the best service in spite of the incomplete set of tools in your toolbox.

Entrepreneurs are also able to be resourceful with the budget… by stretching it to go further than it normally would have. So being resourceful also implies having good money management skills.

Market! Market! Market!

If you set up your home business website and then wait for the world to find you… you’ll be waiting for a very long time. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to have a vision of what you’d like to accomplish… and market your product or service daily. Your aim is to have a consistent flow of clients… and if possible, a waiting list of clients that you’ll be working with over the next few months. This way, you can avoid dry spells that some businesses – especially home-based ones – go through.

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