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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Finance, Home Business | 0 comments

How mummy Bloggers are making some cash on the side.

How mummy Bloggers are making some cash on the side.

A few days ago I was reading an article titled, ‘The Biggest Financial Frustration’. It turns out that majority of the readers who reviewed the articles were Stay at Home Moms who give priority to their families but gladly welcomes the idea of working from home to help with the bills. Women want to be financially independent and hate being the parasites who sucks their husband’s bucks all the time. Multiple moms showed interest in making a living from working at home in a relaxed environment while at the same time responding to family issues.

Beautiful family of two people and laptop.

There are certainly many ways through which mummy bloggers are making cash:

  • Ad networks- online marketers will readily offer you Ads to post on your blog and will pay a commission on every click followed by an action the offer. The right blend of content in your blogs will attract more visitors who are likely to click on the Ads posted on your blog. Google Ads is the most popular network. The amount your earn is tied to the amount of traffic you are capable of generating
  • Affiliate marketing- Stay at Home Moms can also earn money by advertising products for other companies. You can be a blogger cum online marketer earning a commission on the sales made thereon. pays a percentage on the sales made on the products you promote on their behalf. Some companies may ask you to review and blog about their products at an agreed monthly fee.
  • Sell a product online- moms are always good at creative thinking and fashion design. Moms can perhaps turn their ideas into a business that can run from home. Designing baby outfits and dresses and then selling them online either through your blog or through social networks.
  • Freelancing- this fete has taken our generation with so much storm. Something that was unthinkable before has become a reality. There is a lot of demand for content and organizations are always hunting for freelancers. Websites such as Odesk and Elance gives everybody the opportunity to work and earn your money. Freelancing is so flexible and you can work from anywhere around the globe provided you have internet connection and a computer.
  • Home tutor- what subject are you good in? That one or two subjects that you have a perfect grasp and passion for. Is it Math or is it science? You neighbor wants their kids to excel in school and will pay you a dime if you are willing and ready to couch these kids. An hour or two a day isn’t so bad, is it? Well, how about making some cash through tutoring students.

There are still a lot of opportunities out there: child daycare, photography, home keeping, bookkeeping and so many others. However, it will only be fruitful and exciting if you a mom decides to focus on her passions. Doing the things she love that brings a smile to their face

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