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Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Home Business, Home Life | 0 comments

Are you Capable Of Working From Home?

Are you Capable Of Working From Home?

So you’ve been thinking about working from home?

Before you take the leap, you need to consider if you are really cut out for this. If you don’t heed this advice, you may become frustrated and quit before you reach your goals.

So what kind of person would really not be able to work from home?

Easily Distracted

Home is where you live. And as such, it is not a naturally conducive space for productive, money-making work. The number of potential distractions to productivity include:

  • your children asking for help – or telling on each other;
  • your cellphone ringing regularly;
  • the neighbours calling often because they know you’re at home;
  • attending to the blocked drainage; and
  • taking breaks that are unnecessarily long because you found something else to do around the house.

Fails to Plan


If you find it difficult to set actionable goals…Or worse still, you set goals all the time but are unable to accomplish most of them…If you’re a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person, and thrive on going through life without much of a plan…Then you may want to leave the work from home thing to others. Because without short and long term goals, and actionable steps that you strive to accomplish daily, you cannot succeed working from home. Actually, you probably won’t even know when you’ve succeeded because you didn’t know where you were going in the first place.

Lacks Tenacity

While there are really good companies and individuals out there that you could be working with in your home business, there are wolves and scavengers too. You always need to be wary and protect your rights. And because it’s difficult to initially separate the wood from the ‘sleaze,’ you’ll need to be as tenacious as a bulldog in fighting for your rights. But if you are timid and shy away from conflict, or would rather give in than get what you have worked for, then a home business may not be for you.

Emotionally Fragile


The emotional rollercoaster that comes with working from home may not be manageable for the emotionally fragile. When you are just starting out with working from home, you may have a number of setbacks that can crush you emotionally and paralyse your productivity:

  • a promised gig doesn’t come through… and you had already budgeted the income;
  • a client criticises what you thought was your best work;
  • you face the challenge of finding regular clients… and the regular income that goes with it; and
  • your income goals require more time than you have in your day.


Building a lucrative work from home business takes planning, focus, courage and emotional strength. It also takes time. You have to have patience to work through your weaknesses and meet your goals. If you are looking for overnight success, then try the lotto – because working from home will not give you that. Instead, you’ll have to withstand setbacks while staying focused on your goals.

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