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Posted by on Dec 29, 2014 in Home Business, Remote Working | 0 comments

A Guide To Becoming A Remote Worker

A Guide To Becoming A Remote Worker

Are you longing to work from home – but have no idea what kind of remote job could possibly bring in enough money to meet your financial goals?

As you’ll find out in this article, the number of work from home opportunities are endless. And you’ll want to choose one that’s best for you because:

  • You don’t have to worry about extra training since you’ll be using the skills you already have
  • You can make money doing what you really love
  • You can set your income by working more or less – as the need arises

When selecting a remote job, always consider your skills, training and work experience. This will make it easier for you to get started. And below, you’ll find nine remote job opportunities that you can start today.

Information Technology


If you have any software or web development skills and experience, then you can develop programmes and apps remotely and submit them online to your clients. Or if your skill-set is in hardware or networking, then consider offering online or telephonic technical support.


The remote job opportunities in marketing span all the advertising media available – from TV and radio, to online and print. You also have the option to work remotely with clients or marketing agencies.


Love to teach? Then you may consider a remote job in this field. Opportunities are available for high school, university and professional training courses in every field.

Customer service

If you love helping people, and would thrive in a call-center environment, then you can consider a customer service remote job opportunity. You’ll be able to assist a company’s clients both online and over the phone.


Remote job writing opportunities are only limited by your interests. You can go for story-telling, technical writing or news reporting. You may prefer to write copy like articles, press releases, sales letters or web content.

Human Resources

Companies are also now outsourcing their hiring and staff management. This means as a human resources person, you can fill this job role even if you are working from home. You’ll be able to review job applications online, shortlist candidates, and interview them using Skype or some other web conferencing software.

Virtual assistant

Your secretarial and administration skills can come in handy if you decide to become a virtual assistant. You’ll be able to provide meeting scheduling via online calendars, take minutes for virtual meetings, respond to emails and many other services.


Companies need books, brochures, advertising and web content translated into other languages in order to reach more prospects. If you can speak, read and write 2 or more languages really well, then you may be interested in becoming a translator.

Data entry

If you type really fast, then a remote data entry job could be suitable for you. You’ll be able to quickly convert your clients’ printed documents into soft copy. And because this job is in such high demand, you can juggle multiple clients.

The options for remote work opportunities are growing exponentially each year. And you can be sure that you’ll find one to fit your skills, experience and passion.

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